Who We Are

We believe that individualization and tailored coaching are key to getting the most out of your body. Everyone is different. We all have variations in genetics, experience, and the goals we’re striving for. This is why we include a neurological assessment, nutritional guidance, individual coaching, and progress tracking with each and every membership.


Too many people have been misled into believing that their efforts are productive because it feels hard. This is not the case. Some days are going to be tough. Some are going to feel too easy. The balance is what makes our program holistic and sustainable. We believe in progress, session to session…...week to week…..month to month…. year to year. The purpose of coming to the gym is to get better, right? So why would we expect anything less than improvement each and every day you walk in? If you’re not getting better each and every day then what you’re doing is NOT the program for you. Plain and simple.


Here at StrengthTrained - Dunamis we provide coaching  to cut a clear path through the uncertainty and guide you to a place where you can be successful with your fitness, no matter your prior experience or goal. 

StrengthTrained is a method of coaching fitness, and Dunamis is the gym within which we practice.

Our Mission

Meet with a coach 1-on-1 to take your fitness to the next level.