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We take pride in our athletes. We provide a comprehensive sport performance program individualized to fit the unique needs of our athletes and the sports they play.

We understand the intricacies between sports and have a passion for improving human movement and decreasing risk of injury. Talent and skill will only carry an athlete so far, and inevitably will not be enough to get to reach the next level.


Our passion is to see athletes succeed, and participate in every moment of the sport they choose to excel in. We will evaluate strengths, weaknesses, and risks to create a training regimen to close the door to injury for Middle School, High School, and College Athletes.


We focus on building sport specific strength and power upon a foundation of mobility, flexibility, and joint integrity. ​Injury prevention begins with a proper strength and mobility progression. 


Our strength and mobility progressions ensure that our athletes are properly prepared for competition and a healthy life. 

Sports Performance and

Student Athletics


"Champions Never Have An Off-Season"

Student, athelte, athletics, performance, sport, gym, rochester, spencerport, coaching, coach, training, next level, strength and conditioning, greece, gates, chili

Harry's Story

“I was a 5-sport athlete In high school. I participated in baseball, basketball, wrestling, track, and football. I excelled most at football making it my favorite. I fell in love with the team atmosphere. As a high school student I did not understand the importance of strength and conditioning. It wasn’t until I played football at The College at Brockport that I saw the importance of a good strength & conditioning program.


I found there to be a strong contrast between highschool and college training programs. Like many high school athletes, my main goal in high school was to get bigger and stronger. At Brockport the training for the football team was focused around mobility and functional strength combined with injury prevention.

Having a strength and conditioning coach that understood and implemented a scientifically proven strength training program brought my game to the next level. Over the next 3 years at Brockport, I grew as an athlete.


To me an overall athlete has to be powerful, strong, fast, and explosive. Safety and injury prevention are important factors of athleticism that tend to be neglected. However, being safe and preventing injury is a key part to a lasting career in collegiate athletics.


As a senior looking back, I am grateful for implementing a strength training program into my off-season preparation for football. I’ve realize the importance of having a strength and conditioning coach in order to bring my game to the next level.


Even though my collegiate athletic career is over I will continue with a strength program implemented as a base to my personal fitness in order to prevent injury and increase my strength combatting life’s demands. Currently I am continuing to increase my knowledge base of strength and mobility through my internship at StrengthTrained - Dunamis. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to find an internship opportunity that allows me to learn so much while continuing with my own fitness journey. “

- Harry Hartman

Student, athelte, athletics, performance, sport, gym, rochester, spencerport, coaching, coach, training, next level, strength and conditioning, greece, gates, chili

Track and field is both a physically and mentally demanding sport. Without a positive and competitive attitude then doing well in this sport would be challenging. A lot of the training I participate in to get myself prepared for the season is crucial if I want to succeed. Which is why being disciplined as a collegiate track and field athlete is important. 


During training I participate in two hours of running practice with the sprints team. We then have alternating speed and endurance days with varied reps and intensities. In addition to running, we lift four days a week, focusing on lower and upper body. Our training consist of having designated speed and weight days. Recovery is important and we normally have Sundays off in order to give our bodies a rest. 

One of the many things I did to improve my endurance in the off-season was separate myself from the others and work hard to get myself in the best shape both mentally and physically. During the off-season, I would do the recommended workouts and intervals on my high school track every morning to improve endurance and increase my speed for the upcoming season.  


Without Dunamis, I would not be where I am today. Dunamis puts me through individual training sessions that help me improve my weaknesses each and everyday. They have tailored workouts specially towards what works best for me. Dunamis has enrolled me in a program that will help me reach my future goals as a collegiate track and field athlete. Training with Dunamis has already allowed me to see major improvements in the weight that I had previously struggled with and helped me realize my full potential as an athlete. 

- Carly Oddi

Student, athelte, athletics, performance, sport, gym, rochester, spencerport, coaching, coach, training, next level, strength and conditioning, greece, gates, chili

Being a collegiate swimmer requires a lot of hardwork and dedication. I am in the pool 6 times a week and train in the weightroom twice a week. Our training sessions during the season are scheduled early in the morning, and we have 8 a.m. classes afterward.


I became interested in being a collegiate swimmer when I watched my older sister swim at her meets. After spending many hours supporting her at her meets, I thought that swimming would be something I would try. Ever since that day, I have had an everlasting love for swimming.

As you may know there are many types of different training styles for different sports. At Brockport, the training style our swimming team has adapted is called the Ultra Short Race Pace Training (USRPT). 

Our swimmers focus on hitting our race pace for as many reps as possible, and when we aren't in the pool we incorporate a Modified Conjugate Style for our weight training program.


In addition to my hard work as a swimmer at Brockport, training at Dunamis has helped me improve my athletic ability and expand my overall knowledge of productive weight training. Dunamis has helped me take pride in proper form which has been one of the main reasons I have stayed away from a road full of injuries. My body is not an example of an ideal swimmers body, being strong is what has helped me excel above my competition.

-Brian Cotroneo

Student, athelte, athletics, performance, sport, gym, rochester, spencerport, coaching, coach, training, next level, strength and conditioning, greece, gates, chili

Collegiate baseball tests my ability as a human being each and everyday. Throughout my career as a college baseball player I was expected to participate in weight training and a vast amount of mobility exercises. Taking care of my body is important because I want to make sure I am available to play all 40 games on our schedule and still have energy in the tank for playoffs afterward. I play about 46 games in a four month span. Playing so many games leaves no room for injury, this is why I spend a lot of time training.


Weight training has shaped me into the player I am today. I became faster, stronger, more flexible, and explosive. Another reason why weight training is so important to me is because it prevents injury and grants confidence. Without it, I would second guess myself and hesitate against the competition. When I am training everyday and seeing results I feel as if I am unstoppable.

Baseball is a game full of ups and downs with small windows of opportunity. This is why you need to maintain a strong mindset. If you succeed three times out of ten you’re seen as a great player. This is why I can’t slack off in the off-season. Preparation in the offseason puts me in the best position to know that I put in the work and give it everything I have. With proper preparation I know that I can walk off the field with a smile, no matter the result.


I am glad I was able to be at a college that provides a great opportunity to help me improve my skills through weight training. SUNY Brockport has a vast amount of staff who look forward to helping their athletes improve. Along with SUNY Brockport, Dunamis has also had a tremendous impact in the way I train. Each and everyday I learn something new that I can incorporate to my daily workout. Without a strength training program I don’t think I would have lasted all four years as a varsity baseball player in the NCAA.

-Drew DeBlasiis

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