strength, condtioning, spencerport, rochster, ny, sport, performance, athletics, next level, coaching, gym, fitness, personal trainer
strength, condtioning, spencerport, rochster, ny, sport, performance, athletics, next level, coaching, gym, fitness, personal trainer

Over 20 years of coaching experience

Chris Colegrove

"My real passion today is problem solving."

My journey in fitness began 30 yrs ago as a student athlete. My love for the weight room was spawned there and follow me until today.
I decided to follow my passion for the weight room and ended up at SUNY 
Brockport as an adult student and emerged with a double major in exercise science and human movement, a minor in biology, and awarded the title "student of the year" in both the Exercise Science department and out of the entire class of adult students. 


It felt good  recognized my hard work and dedication.
Amidst finishing my degree, Will and I created Dunamis. Under the tutelage of Head Coach Ed Jaskulski I was honored with the opportunity to intern with the Strength and Conditioning department at The College at Brockport. This gave me a vision of what my future path would be. In the midst of completing my internship, I acquired my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). This is held in high regard as the gold standard in the field of strength and conditioning.
I enjoy the challenge of working with athletes and the general population to optimize their performance needs. I enjoy inspiring others to excel past their own self-limiting beliefs. It is my goal to help every person that enters our facility to walkout encouraged and successful.

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Will Barker

"Too many people cut themselves short"

In my early quest for improvement I tried many things. Crash diets, drinking more water, exercising more, or just refusing to eat. I found some short term successes with these methods but mostly experienced failures.


There is so much information on the internet today. Everyone is a self proclaimed expert. Many are claiming their share of facts with very poor or non-existent scientific basis.


Through many failures, many later successes, and nonstop learning from world renown fitness professionals, I have effectively learned how to repair the body through both diet and movement. Consequently, I’ve fallen in love with the process of self improvement.  Now after 6 years of conscious effort and education, I can passionately and confidently say I am ready to teach others how they can also change their body.


Through my journey of self improvement, individualized diet, proper training & movement, I am free of medicines that were claimed to solve the problem. I now have an unwavering desire to help others learn how to control their body and through the process grow their spiritual well being.


Too many people cut themselves short of their full potential - attempting to use their age, bad joints, health, or self imposed limitations to just give up on themselves. I believe one’s happiness is a priority to life! I can't impose change, but I can inspire those that want to change to seek happiness through fitness. People CAN fix their own body, and it's my passion to help lead them on that journey.