Group Training


At Dunamis we are a team. You will feel a strong sense of comradery when you arrive in one of our group training sessions. No matter how strong the players are, no team is complete without a coach.


Our experienced coaches are there when you need them, patient, encouraging, and observant, there to guide and encourage you to be the best version of yourself. “


Our group training classes are set at multiple peak times throughout the day to accommodate your busy schedule.


The program is designed to encompass all aspects of fitness to bring you a well rounded experience. We include strength, power, flexibility, mobility, and endurance into every program so that you can enjoy the unique challenges and benefits of each.


If you enjoy the camaraderie of training in a team atmosphere, with flexible scheduling, and a coach by your side, our group training is for you!

"I have been able to learn how to improve my mobility and strength to levels I would never have thought possible."

         - Radka Yang

Scapular muscles keep the shoulders safe
Trash talk does with deadlifts like peas

What's Included


  • A complete and guided weekly workout program

  • Groups and coaching for ultimate accountability

  • Personalized coaching to keep you moving

  • Mobile app for mobile coaching and progress tracking



  • Message your coach anytime

  • Partners and groups to keep you on track

  • Technique coaching for quicker and safer progress

  • Open gym sessions for extra help

  • Private Facebook community​​


Nutrition Plans (optional addon)

  • Your very own nutrition plan

  • Tailored to your life, body, and goals

  • Coaching and feedback on your meals


$79 Biweekly for training and coaching support. 

Let's have a conversation about your starting point and give you some pointers about how to start.

Simply submit your information and we will reach out within 48 hours. 

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