Real people, real results


"As someone completely new to weight lifting, I loved the group instruction setup."

"I am more confident in the way I look...


I feel healthier and empowered.

I now understand the underlying cause for certain muscle aches

The trainers and other members are all so encouraging and helpful.

Camaraderie among everyone there."




"To levels I would never have thought possible"


"The coaches and family-like atmosphere of everyone that goes there. We all encourage each other no matter where we are in our journey. Will and Chris genuinely care about each and every member and go out of their way to assist you and answer questions. They also make sure you are performing the exercises correctly so you don't get hurt.

The programs that they put together are thoroughly planned out so that you achieve results. Through these programs I have been able to learn how to improve my mobility and strength to levels I would never have thought possible."


Christine Barnes


"Their dedication and vast knowledge of the human body makes this gym a place like no other."

This gym is helping me strengthen my body every day. I see vast improvements in a short amount of time and I am in awe.


They give you a different workout to follow each session which really helps strengthen new muscles and areas you didn’t know were weak.


I never feel like I’m being pushed too hard but I'm also given workouts that target those specific areas which challenge my body to get better and stronger with each workout.


I feel like a much more confident and empowered person every day and I have them to thank. 


Each week I add more weight and it’s really encouraging. 

Thank you for everything and I look forward to getting those beginner gains




"Camaraderie and accountability"

"No matter where you are in your health journey the owners and trainers are top notch and there for you.


If looking for fitness and nutrition, this is the place....the camaraderie of the members keeps you coming and accountable.


Come give it a try!"



“I don’t even know what I’m capable of b
ALANNA 1.jpg
ALANNA 1.jpg
Three Design Group - Marc Krolczyk_edite

Marc now works out without knee pain

"Dunamis has changed my entire outlook on training, instead of just showing up at the YMCA and training aimlessly with no improvements, I now have a a direction and coaches that help make sure I reach my goals. I now look forward to my time spent at the gym, I wake up with more energy, and in just five short weeks I have seen results."... 



Student, athelte, athletics, performance, sport, gym, rochester, spencerport, coaching, coach, training, next level, strength and conditioning, greece, gates, chili
Student, athelte, athletics, performance, sport, gym, rochester, spencerport, coaching, coach, training, next level, strength and conditioning, greece, gates, chili

Adrienne had a back fusion in 2004...

"After an unsuccessful journey on my own to become healthy. I didn’t realize how unhealthy I was until I could barely life the 45lb bar at my initial assessment. With the help of Will, Chris, and Madison, I have proven myself stronger than I ever thought possible, taken control of my health, and found a new passion for lifting!


I had a back fusion in 2004, and have always been wary of lifting because of it. With their knowledge and skill, I have been able to learn how to lift properly in order to avoid any further injury.


I am so excited for how far I have come, how healthy I feel, and look forward to continuing my journey with all the wonderful people at Dunamis!! 




"I feel great about my body, and I'm finally starting to love showing it off!" - Erica

"I've always hated the idea of doing just cardio, and I've always loved weights, but wasn't properly trained on form. 

When I first walked into Dunamis, I couldn't pick up a 45 lb barbell. I was doing body weight squats for months. Now, my max squat is 105 and I'm deadlifting 105. I don't get nervous or dread workouts, I come into the gym excited to crush some PR's and maintain a proper form.

I never expected to find a little family like I have at Dunamis. The friendships alone have been awesome. Something that I hadn't really put too much focus on was my diet, but once I started training at Dunamis, I realized that food truly is fuel, and if I want to perform, I need to properly fuel my body.

I am SO much more confident in myself. I feel great about my body, and I'm finally starting to love showing it off!"


Mimi and James_edited.jpg

Fit over 50

"My husband and I needed to lose weight and start working out again. What made us decide to join and since then is that they REALLY know their stuff and they listen. We are in our 50's and don't want to run marathons but want to be fit and flexible. This fits us. You always leave feeling like you can do this and totally supported. My husband has never officially "worked out" in his life and now he enjoys going to the group sessions and even goes without me:-) "


Mimi and James