Strength For All

“Strength isn’t just for bodybuilders and conditioning isn't just for athletes.


Strength and conditioning helps every fitness goal and lifestyle.


It breaks through plateaus, prevents injury, and gives us the fortitude to break through.”


Will Barker

Co-Owner and Head Coach

Sometimes we just need someone to look us in the eye and convince us that we are capable of more.


Meet StrengthTrained - Dunamis. The strongest and most uplifting gym in town. Our grounded approach to fitness is what separates us from the rest.

We take the best aspects of personal training and combine them with the comradery of a group workout experience. This unique blend of individualized coaching and supportive group training is our answer for you to lose fat, and strengthen your body and relationships. Let us be your catalyst to evolve into your stronger, leaner, and more resilient self!


We believe in progress. The purpose of coming to the gym is to improve, and you’ll do so from session to session, month to month, and you’ll be astounded at your results you see year to year. You can expect - and achieve - 100% improvement in your first year. 


Some days will feel tough, but we know that quality matters. Hard work alone won’t meet your goals. We guarantee a clear plan to learn how to put your hard work in all the right channels, and do things right. We clear our hurdles with discipline, intelligence, and recovery. 


We want to do this right, but make no mistake - Our average 50 year-old is stronger than most 20-somethings.


Some of our members are former athletes, and it's common for them to be stronger now than when they were playing sports. 


Quit wasting your time with generic boot camps and overpriced personal trainers.


Get the best of both worlds


Become StrengthTrained today.