The first supplement you should take

Top 3 Supplements for Most People
Will Barker
December 23, 2021
The first supplement you should take

Before we get into the weeds, it is important to note that supplements are SUPPLEMENTARY to diet and training. No amount of supplements are going to fix a poor base of whole foods and an optimal training program.

Now that we have that out of the way, there is much to be gained from adding supplements to your diet, but before you start spending money it's imperative that you make sure your food is being properly digested.

Most people are too quick to overlook their stomach function.

We're suppose to be getting nutrition out of our food, but what if your body is not breaking down food properly? You could be experiencing a vitamin or mineral deficiency as a result of poor digestion. It was in your food, but you weren't digesting it.

The Stomach is also a furnace of proper immune function.

No matter how much you wash and purify your food their will always be pathogens and impurities which the body has to pacify and eliminate. This is one way your body is amazing - we can assimilate withing which was previous another organism into ourselves, absorbing it for our bodies own use.

The stomach is designed to be a furnace of purification, using strong acids to break down proteins of our food and any pathogens that food may be carrying. Having a strong stomach can be seen when two people eat contaminated food. One person eats poisonous food getting little more than an upset stomach, the other becoming nauseous and incapacitated for a few days. The former was able to pacify the pathogen, the latter unable - potentially due to a lack of acid.

When you overlook the stomach you over look your immune system and predispose yourself to deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, AND risk becoming sick more often.

Whats the solution? HCL supplementation.

HCL helps bolster your stomach acid so that you're properly breaking down your food and eliminating bacteria and viruses before they can get further into your body.

On a financial level you want to be taking HCL because you'll end up spending less money on other supplements. On a practical level you now have to take less supplements, and will be sick less often, and progress faster.

To learn more on HCL supplementation watch Stan "The Rhino" Efferding's 10 talk on HCL and antacid use. (Many people take antacids when they should be taking HCL instead)

To start supplementing HCL click here.

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